So, what are the key benefits of Waste & Recycling One? - Cutting Administration Time.

What sort of return can I expect on my investment in Waste & Recycling One?

Imagine not working on spread sheets, not having to conduct a number of checks to ensure data is correct, not having to write manual reports, or manipulating data external to the main software application, not having to re-enter data from a CRM, Operational into an Accounting or Invoicing application.

Now imagine from quote to order, planning, scheduling activities and invoicing, accounting and banking that all data was held in one software application, automatically transferred from one part of the process to another, with automated data integrity, profitability checks and automatic reporting in place, so that manual checks, reporting and duplicate data entry were eradicated. 


Want to know more? Click on the banner now to register your details for a demonstration of Waste & Recycling One

Published on Tue, 18 Mar 2014 15:48

South Hook CHP signs with SAP & ISB

We have great pleasure in welcoming South Hook CHP as a customer of ISB Global and SAP.

South Hook CHP shareholders: Qatar, ExxonMobil and Total have applied for development consent to construct and operate a combined heat and power (CHP) plant within the existing boundary of the South Hook Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Terminal,

They have decided upon SAP for its unrivalled reputation for Controls and Governance, as well as the pedigree in the New Energy and Oil & Gas Industries.

We look forward to working together on this exciting new opportunity.

Published on Mon, 17 Mar 2014 15:51

WR1 Expands into Mexico, welcome to DIMECA.

ISB are very pleased to welcome DIMECA (Distribuidora de Metales y Cartones SA de CV) as a customer. DIMECA are a very successful and fast growing Mexican scrap company with 11 sites and a large fleet of vehicles. DIMECA have a growing customer base of international automotive companies opening new plants in Mexico. They purchased WR1 to integrate with their existing SAP installation to provide advance controls of their Order Management, Logistics, Weighbridge and Stock Control processes.



Published on Tue, 18 Feb 2014 21:42

Look to the Cloud! Waste & Recycling One Utilises Hosting Technology to Cut the Cost of an Implementation.

Now a simple monthly subscription to give you all the benefits of one integrated software solution

SAP and Waste & Recycling One is now available for an easy monthly subscription. Get all the benefits of managing your entire end to end operation at a small fraction of the cost, starting from as little as £9 per user, per day.

How can you realise the benefits of Waste & Recycling One as the only true integrated business management software solution, without the time costs or resources to implement and maintain an on-premise solution?

Look to the Cloud! Waste & Recycling One is now available as a hosted service, so you can get all the benefits without the cost and on-going IT resource required to maintain the software, it’s done for you in an effective, easy monthly subscription payment.

Do you think that you could make savings and increase profit by giving your team better tools to do the job?

Register your details click on the banner now 

Published on Thu, 13 Feb 2014 16:56

ISB is Certified Reseller of Outsystems Platform for SaaS/Mobile Development

ISB is very pleased to announce their association with Outsystems for the Resale and Internal-Usage of their Platform for Web Application Development.

ISB have been searching for a number of years for the right platform to launch their core SAP, Waste Management and Oil & Gas solutions into the cloud.

ISB are also delighted to announce their first customer ISS, signed up to use the platform for their Waste Management and Recycling Business.

What is the OutSystems Platform?

The OutSystems Platform is a high-productivity platform as a service (PaaS) to deliver enterprise web and mobile apps, generated as native and portable Java or .Net, that run in the cloud, on-premises or in hybrid environments.

Why is it really different?

The OutSystems Platform is the only PaaS that combines the simplicity of visual development, the openness of code generation and the power of fully automated DevOps to speed the delivery of web and mobile applications.

What are we doing with it?

• Rapidly deliver custom applications
• Build mobile applications with great UX
• Replace legacy systems
• Extend existing applications
• Eliminate your change request backlog

Published on Tue, 07 Jan 2014 08:58

ISB is Certified Reseller of Barloworld's "Supply Chain Optimisation/Modelling Software"

ISB are pleased to announced we are now a trained and certified partner of Barloworld, to sell and consult in their world renown Supply Chain Optimisation Software 'Cast Aurora'

CAST Aurora is a powerful supply chain planning software application used for global supply chain network modelling, strategic network design and supply chain optimisation. CAST Aurora is used world-wide by third party logistics, manufacturing, retail companies, Oil & Gas and soon to be Waste Management companies to evaluate and identify different supply chain strategies. Customers typically achieve a 10-15% saving on their supply chain costs through the application of supply chain network optimisation.

ISB are focusing solely on the Oil & Gas Markets, as well as Waste Management & Recycling.

Contact us today to understand how Cast Aurora can make a significant impact to your supply chain.

Published on Tue, 07 Jan 2014 08:37

Integrate, Engage, Collaborate & Publish, Powerful Analytics with Waste & Recycling One


Do you have a tool to give you real time insight into your business?

In today’s fast moving world of reporting and business analytics you need to have the data ready to slice, dice and give you or your team the answers, instantly.

Waste & Recycling One utilises SAP Lumira to connect to the data source and publish intuitive visualisations to the cloud.

Click on the videos: 

SAP Lumira Introduction

Features Overview

Build Visualisations

Share Visualisations

To see how the use of one integrated software solution, Waste & Recycling One, with integrated cloud publishing and business intelligence suite, SAP Lumira can radically improve your business performance...

click on the banner now to register your contact details and receive your free trial of SAP Lumira.

Published on Thu, 21 Nov 2013 04:34

So, what are the key benefits of Waste & Recycling One? And what's Integration?


What sort of return can I expect on my investment in Waste & Recycling One?

Maintaining operations in one system, a tightly controlled implementation project, with a transparent sales process, allows for total understanding of the benefits and returns. In turn these become the signed-off deliverables for the project. 

So, the benefits and returns, and what is integration? 

The benefits of implementing Waste & Recycling One are:                                                                                 

  • Increase in profitability and greater control of costs
  • Time saving and accuracy of the administration of operations
  • The ability to build customer and supplier relationships, giving longer term competitive edge
  • The technology platform to scale using mobile, cloud and other cost saving apps 

And integration..? One software solution, using one set of data, with automated process, containing all the scalable functions that a business requires, Quote to Cash and Banking.

Want to know more? Click on the banner to register your details for a demonstration of Waste & Recycling One

Published on Wed, 30 Oct 2013 06:01

Wish You Could Give your Customers Something More...?


Total Customer Service & Control - Profitably

Waste & Recycling One – Ensuring you have all the correct data you need to manage the execution of your job, on date, time and to expectations.

Waste & Recycling One – As an integrated solution using one source of Master Data, the lead up to job execution ensures you already have all the data from site, supplier, haulage, transport, costs, price, automated compliance and reporting.

Whatever the type of waste or recycling oriented job you are completing, you need to ensure that you have all the correct data, costs, dates and assets required to carry out the job, profitably.

This means effective software in place to quote, repeat the job; manage price, cost, sub-contractors, vehicles, disposal costs and the reprocessing activities at your MRF, transfer station or plant. And if something was to go wrong, you can fix it, effortlessly.

The more manual data used and different systems worked on, the more likely things could go wrong - incorrect site, wrong time, material, price, or subcontractor late, or worse, lose your customer.

All of these things can add to a bad service, an unprofitable job, worst of all, no repeat orders and dwindling order book.

Want to know more about Waste & Recycling One CRM and Customer Service?

Click on the banner now to register your details for a demonstration of Waste & Recycling One


Published on Fri, 25 Oct 2013 01:38

ISB Launches New Logo

New Logo

ISB is pleased to launch our new logo.

Published on Fri, 18 Oct 2013 08:34

ISB Welcomes HR and Resourcing Director

ISB Global is pleased to welcome Shaheryar (SAK), to the team. SAK has over 8+ years of recruiting experience in agencies, consultancies and corporate environments specializing in Information Technology/Engineering/Finance/Marketing/Pharmaceuticals/Insurance roles. He has offered services in three continents including USA, UK, India, Pakistan and the Middle East. He works closely with executives and line managers of top FTSE companies and is focused and result-driven with a record of success in complex global organizations.

Among his internal responsibilities, he will be looking after resourcing requirements for our SAP Projects, and also seek to offer his services to customers. ISB Global have had a strong resourcing presence in the UK since our incorporation and SAK will help to ensure the continued growth in this area.

Published on Fri, 18 Oct 2013 03:12

Very Successful RWM Exhibition for ISB

The RWM Exhibition of 2013 has finished for another year and the level of interest in WR1, SAP and ISB has been the highest on record. All 3 days have been exceptionally busy, with many new opportunities coming onto the stand to see the software and chat about their business.

It was clear that many companies are now seeing the need for an integrated tier 1 solution rather than the "point" solutions which have dominated the market in the past. There are also a lot of companies with internally developed applications which are end of life, and their needs now are for off-the- shelf, scalable solutions.

There was a lot of interest in ISB's New-Energy customer "GasRec" which we hope to capitalise on with further growth in this vertical.

The success of the show was capped off with news of the signing of a new SAP/WR1 customer.

We look forward to an even bigger and brighter RWM 2014, stand 4R81 is already booked.

Published on Fri, 13 Sep 2013 19:10

Gasrec Go Live with SAP Business One


Gasrec choose SAP Business One & ISB Global’s proven experience in the Green, Environmental & Fuel sectors as their implementation partner.

When it was time to move away from separate software applications Gasrec chose SAP Business One as a robust, scalable, fully integrated software solution.  

Gasrec was formed in 2003 to develop a process for liquefaction of methane from landfill gas, anaerobic digestion and other stranded sources. In January 2007, following 5 years of technology development, construction began on its first plant at SITA’s Albury landfill site in SurreyThe plant was commissioned in June 2008 with a capacity to produce approximately 4,300 tonnes of liquid biomethane per annum, equivalent to 5.2m litres of diesel. This success marked a world first achievement and paved the way for Gasrec to develop into the leader in the gas fuel market.

Download the Success Story - Click on the banner and register your contact details. 

Published on Mon, 05 Aug 2013 22:06

Waste & Recycling One – Showing New Functions at RWM 2013


RWM 2013 - See how new functions in WR1 are saving waste & recycling and associated sector companies vast amounts of administration time, automating compliance & reporting.

As Waste & Recycling One continues to advance utilising SAP’s portfolio of software. ISB Global show how moving to one integrated software solution can cut administration processes while delivering huge efficiencies in operations and the back office.

ISB Global continues to put emphasis on the delivery of core finance and operations implementations governed by strong returns that focus on the integration of departments, tasks and activities into one end to end business process - in one integrated software solution - Waste & Recycling One.

Financial, Operational, Strategic & Technical Returns on Investment in software and the business transformation project can also be extended using SAP and ISB Global’s expertise in Applications, Mobility, Analytics, Cloud, Database & Technology.

So, by utilising best in breed, finance, supply chain management, field operations, business intelligence and on demand applications sitting on the fastest databases, your company can not only realise huge internal advantages but start to apply those cost saving, efficient operations to win more business, beat your competition and extend profitability.

Click on the banner now to register your details to look at some of the new functions in Waste & Recycling One at the RWM 2013

Published on Thu, 25 Jul 2013 23:27

Manual Planning & Scheduling Lacking Cost Efficiency & Control?

Accuracy from all Angles In Planning & Scheduling for Waste & Recycling One


Is your transport management maintained on-the-fly, controlled in spread sheets and reported from manually?

Master Data is used in the planning and scheduling process to control vital aspects of the job, ensuring profitability.                                                                                             

Vehicles, resources, customer and supplier sites, capacity, routes, sub-contractors and the variety of costs are all maintained from master data in the job. So, when the work order gets to the scheduling stage it can simply be refined in the planning horizon according to daily scheduling dynamics and customer requirements.

This alleviates on-the-fly scheduling, which can be a costly manual process. Uncontrolled job management that can have an effect on customer service, overlap of routes, frantic administrative processes, duplication of activities, avoiding depot-customer-depot jobs that are expensive and do not utilise vehicle capacity or effective time management.


Click on the banner now to register your details for a demonstration of Waste & Recycling One.


Published on Tue, 16 Jul 2013 22:02

New W&R Software Consultant Joins the Team

We have pleasure in welcoming Hannah to the team. Hannah has previous experience in ISB's core market of Waste & Recycling, and also experience with our product WR1. Hannah takes over the role of Quality Assurance Manager of WR1, and is working with the development team to further enhance the functionality of the product.

Published on Fri, 07 Jun 2013 07:00

Waste & Recycling One – Manage Transport Costs & Vehicle Profitability


Waste & Recycling One's Integrated Operations to Accounts Process, Advanced Project & Cost Accounting & Superior Business Intelligence Results in the Effective Management of All Transport Costs. 

Meticulous price management over every aspect of vehicle, material, site, route sequence, zone, haulage, subcontractor, and asset maintenance can be strictly controlled and alerted on, which warrants against loss-making haulage activities.

Click on the banner to register your contact details for a demonstration of Waste & Recycling One.

Published on Wed, 05 Jun 2013 22:59

ISB Welcomes New Software Developers to the Team

ISB is very pleased to Welcome Mansoor and Shaheryar to the team. Mansoor is a highly experienced SAP developer who will further enhance ISB's development capacity for the integrated SAP Software Waste and Recycling Solution, WR1. Shaheryar also brings with him years of experience in Product Management and Lifecycle Management, as well as development.

ISB are very excited about the opportunities in the Waste and Recycling Market for the Software, WR1, in the UK and Globally. ISB also see some important opportunities in the New Energy Markets.

Published on Wed, 15 May 2013 08:29

Waste & Recycling One – 25% Discount on Software & Services


Considering a change from your existing P&L IWS or ISYS components?

  • Need more control over, operations, cost and profitability?

  • Outgrown your current operational and accounting software?

  • Reporting & Business Intelligence has become an issue?

  • Starting to extend functions with spread sheets?

ISB Global is offering 25% discount on Waste & Recycling One (Licenses and Services) for companies wishing to change from P&L IWS and ISYS operational software applications.

Click on the banner now to register your details for a demonstration of Waste & Recycling One, after the initial meeting, we’ll submit an estimate to you and apply the sales promotion discount. 

Terms & Conditions Apply.


Published on Wed, 17 Apr 2013 03:42

Waste & Recycling One – Integrated Order Management for Line Level Profitability


Integrated Order Management – Total Logistics Control Without Compromise to Cost or Service

The complete integration of Waste & Recycling One ensures smooth logistics, subcontractor management total material and cost control 

Once master data has been set up in the implementation project (incl. Business Partners, Materials and Prices). Order Management can be maintained automatically and led directly from the integrated quoting process. Either with the automated cyclical booking tool (PBI), job and larger projects with phases or simple ad-hoc and one-off jobs.

Order Management contains two main parts, The Work Order (WO) where all preliminary and planning activity takes place, ready for scheduling and job execution. And the Disposal Order (DO), the part of the job that contains weighbridge integration, inventory and subcontractor management, with required instructions and costs for material disposal or ready for reprocessing.

The two parts to the Order Management ensure the total smooth running of waste logistics process and recycling materials management while ensuring there is absolutely no compromise on service and complete visibility on cost with the minimum of effort.

If you are currently having difficulties in ensuring jobs are profitable, managing haulage and transport costs, customer relationship management, subcontractor management or consolidating weighbridge tickets to invoices and financial transactions then Waste & Recycling One can help.                

Click on the banner now to register your details for a demonstration of Waste & Recycling One

Published on Tue, 09 Apr 2013 03:13

Monoworld Recycling Signs with ISB for SAP and WR1

Monoworld Ltd is a waste management company, with over 30 years’ experience in the recycling industry, They recognised ISB as the UK's leading supplier of fully Integrated software for the Waste and Recycling Industry with a depth of experience across all waste streams.

Monoworld have just opened their new Plastics Reprocessing Facilities in Ruston and selected ISB as the recognised software experts in the area of Plastics Collection, Processing, Trading, Export and Stock Management.

ISB has delivered their SAP Waste and Recycling Software to many UK and international customers including the turnkey plastics recycling facilities of ECO Plastics and Closed Loop Recycling.

Monoworld, together with all ISB's customers recognised that to ensure growth and scalability a fully integrated software solution is the only option. Point Solutions are no longer adequate.

ISB with SAP and WR1, provide all operational waste processes though to the core finance functions, including Supplier/Customer Forecasting, Stock Management, CRM, Service Management and comprehensive Reporting/KPI's.

Published on Tue, 02 Apr 2013 06:05

Waste & Recycling One – Price Master Data for Profitability


Customer & Supplier Price Master Data – Process Automation, Continuity & Profitability

Every aspect of Customer, Container, Material, Transport, Subcontractor, Unit of Measure, Vehicle, Site, Activities, Reports, Additional Items and variances are catered for.

In turn this controls every charge and cost in one business process in Waste & Recycling One. Making sure that quotes are correct from the beginning, following through to job, activities and operations, invoicing and automatically raising financial transactions in the integrated accounting function.

What’s more updates are easy, filter on the variable that needs to be altered. Simply increase or decrease the variable by pounds or percentage, save the version and update.

What used to take days to implement at the end of the year has now been completed in a matter of minutes.

Click the banner image to register your interest

Check the Blog, register your details and watch the YouTube video of Waste & Recycling One’s CIP/SIP Mass Price Update. 

Published on Fri, 08 Mar 2013 05:34

WR1 BP Master Data - Automate Billing, Drive Service & Aid Cash Flow


Customer & Supplier Master Data – Enhance Service, Speed-Up Billing, Manage Payments, Increase Profitability.


Using one set of data, in Waste & Recycling One means that right from the very beginning of the process, like a quote, through to the very end, like banking and payments, everything can be monitored and controlled. Giving you continuity, accuracy speed and insight in everything your business does. 

You just don’t get this level of efficiency and control in separate software applications.  

Business Partner Master Data in the embedded CRM is linked to Price Lists, Material Data, Waste Codes, Job Data and importantly integrated financial transactions, so accounts payable and receivable activities can be actioned immediately.  

One set of customer and supplier data is used throughout the software so that quote is passed to contract, scheduling, planning, in-bound material and container processing.  

As the customer and supplier data is maintained through Waste & Recycling One, quote to cash, as soon as jobs are confirmed they can be immediately invoiced, any matching payments directly related to the job, no rekeying into other software applications.   

Accounting journal transaction is raised immediately and the nominal ledger is updated, manually, semi or automatically, it’s your choice.         

In general, as an improvement in speeding up administrative process, the use of Waste & Recycling One as an integrated software solution eradicates the need for multiple applications and saves on average 30% administration time immediately on implementation.  

To see how Business Partner Master Data can radically improve business performance, please register your interest for an online demonstration - click the ON TARGET banner now.  

Published on Wed, 30 Jan 2013 00:11

Computer Salvage Specialists Go Live with Waste & Recycling One for SAP Business One


"ISB Global demonstrated how SAP and Waste & Recycling One's integrated functions would benefit the business and how it would have such a positive impact in speeding up processes by using one set of Master Data. Due to flexibility, a platform for growth, new technology, industry suitability, and ISB Global's consulting, that helped us transform our business, and of course price! We awarded ISB Global the implementation project" Lance Pearce, Operations Manager, Computer Salvage Specialists 

Published on Fri, 11 Jan 2013 05:50

SAP Certifies WR1

ISB are pleased to announce the recent Certification of WR1 by SAP. ISB followed a strict process set by SAP which covered a range of Technical and Functional requirements, including:

  • Compliance with SAP's Development Guidelines
  • Compliance with Screen Design Guidelines
  • Alignment with requirements supporting Error Handling, Event Handlers, Licencing, Installation, Database Objects
  • Supporting Documentation for Testing and Training

This Certificate provides our fast growing customer base with further comfort as to the quality and integrity of the product.

Published on Thu, 03 Jan 2013 00:03

ISB's 2012 Customer Logo Mosaic, Merry Christmas.

ISB would like to thank all our customers for their support during 2012, and wish you all a very Merry Christmas. We look forward to another incredibly successful year for 2013.

Published on Thu, 13 Dec 2012 23:17

ISB joins the Anaerobic Digestion & Biogas 2012 Conference

ISB is attending the ADBA’s National Conference 2012 which will feature key speakers from the finance, food, local authority, farming and transport industries to make the case for AD in their industry in front of government representatives and other key decision makers. ISB have been very focused on the New Energy Sector, highlighted by the recent signing of Gasrec whose chairman is speaking at the conference. ISB's Fully Integrated Software Solution, based on SAP Business One, can provide significant efficiencies in both operational and back office processes for the sector.

Published on Wed, 12 Dec 2012 23:14

Leading Biofuel Company Gasrec signs with ISB

ISB are pleased to announce their first customer in the New Energy Sector. Gasrec was formed in 2003 to develop a process for clean-up and liquefaction of methane from landfill gas, anaerobic digestion and other stranded sources. The plant was commissioned in June 2008 with capacity to produce approximately 4,300 tonnes of liquid biomethane per annum (equivalent to 5.2m litres of diesel). This success marked a world first achievement and paved the way for Gasrec to develop into the leader in gas fuel market.

ISB's years of experience in the Waste and Recycling Market, together with their involvement in Oil and Gas Secondary Distribution, has provided the perfect combination to realise a world class SAP Software Solution for Gasrec.

Published on Tue, 11 Dec 2012 22:02

Waste & Recycling One - Material Master Data to Automate Activities & Aid Profitability


Waste & Recycling One Item Master Data – Ensures Continuity of Charging, Collections and Costs.

The Extended Waste & Recycling One Item Master Data – Eradicate Manual Reporting, Paperwork and Ensure You Are Profitable.

The new Waste Profile has been developed as an extension to the existing Item Master Data to collect important information on the characteristics of the recyclable material. Click on the Banner and register to see Waste & Recycling One in action.  

Published on Wed, 05 Dec 2012 00:38

Waste & Recycling One - Software Solution Overview


Click on the logo to download the Waste & Recycling Software Solution Overview Brochure

Published on Tue, 04 Dec 2012 01:27

Does Your Bill of Manufacturing Give You Total Visibility of Cost?




Process Manufacturing Extended for SAP Business One

Monitor all resources produced and consumed by defining accurate yet flexible formulas to manage exact component relationships with Process Force extended Manufacturing for SAP Business One. 

Click on the logo to register your details, download the solution overview and see the additional screen shots in the follow up email. 

Published on Tue, 27 Nov 2012 03:35

ECO Plastics Full Success Story



ECO Plastics Ltd, established in 2000, operates the largest and the most advanced food-grade plastic recycling facilities in Europe. Operating two main sites in the UK; Plant and Operations at Hemswell, Lincolnshire and Logistics in Newcastle. ECO Plastics sources and reprocesses over 150,000 tonnes of plastic a year mainly sourced from UK waste contractors and local authorities but is increasingly sourcing from the EU to satisfy demand.

ISB Global were invited in to complete a demonstration on how Waste & Recycling One would integrate all areas of the business, including the procurement of raw materials, transport, inventory management, reprocessing, outbound sales of goods, automated financial transactions, asset management, reporting and business intelligence.

Click on the banner and register to get the ECO Plastics Full Success Story. 

Published on Tue, 06 Nov 2012 23:56

Order Management for Waste & Recycling One


Is your Order Management linked to your CRM, pricing, transport, weighbridge, billing, accounts, and reporting functions? 

Does your Order Management give you confidence that every job is profitable - before it takes place? 

Click on the Order Management icon to look at a YouTube recorded demonstration of the Order Management Tools in Waste & Recycling One.

Published on Wed, 24 Oct 2012 01:47

ISB Welcomes 2 New Team Members

ISB is very pleased to welcome two new team members to our SAP Business One Consulting Team. Jane and Ivan are experienced SAP consultants, and will be assisting with our exciting new customer projects, as well as supporting existing users.

Published on Sat, 29 Sep 2012 00:33

Woodhorn sign with ISB Global; Waste & Recycling One for SAP Business One

The Woodhorn Group includes a number of family businesses with a key objective to be successful while incorporating environmental and social aims. Through their recycling operations they aim to provide a service to the wider community and with their organic farming system they aim to nurture the wider ecological environment (as you can see from their recent news article )

Woodhorn are also growing and needed a Software Solution to facilitate growth and scalability as well as providing greater accuracy and control in their end to end processes. Woodhorn chose SAP Business One and WR1 to meet these objectives, and will look specifically for WR1 to manage and control their recycling business, as well as SAP Business One into this and their other business units.


Woodhorn chose ISB Global due to our expertise and commitment in the industry and the only company with a cost effective product tailored specifically to manage their 50 000 tons of green and garden waste which is composted and turned into their Earth Cycle range of high quality peat-free composts and soil conditioning products. It will also manage their waste wood which is processed into a woodchip for board making and as a renewable energy fuel source.

Published on Mon, 24 Sep 2012 20:53

MITIE Signs with ISB Global for SAP and Waste & Recycling One


ISB have agreed contracts with MITIE’s Waste & Environmental for the implementation of SAP Business One and the Industry Component ‘Waste and Recycling One (WR1)’. ISB are the UK’s leading provider of fully integrated software solutions for the Waste and Recycling Industry, and are also the recognised experts in Waste Broking.

With this change MITIE  will have a platform that can handle the existing and future rapid growth for their core business and allow them to harness greater efficiencies in their back office administration and operations functions.  To this end WR1 was a natural fit as it provides full logistics, scheduling, vehicle and container management, materials tracking and inventory management, weighbridge integration, route sequencing, hand held device integration and a scalable suite of reports, dashboards and business intelligence. All built on the super robust SAP Business One software.

MITIE will benefit significantly from WR1’s advanced order management which deals with the large volumes of transactions typical of a waste outsourcer, broker and solutions provider, as well as sophisticated automated Sales and Purchasing.

Integrated with Financials, CRM, Customer Service, Purchasing and Sales Management, Warehouse, Distribution, Production and Manufacturing, provides a complete software solution for the industry.

SAP and Waste & Recycling One Replaces Microsoft Dynamics Navision.

ISB’s Managing Director, Mr Chris Williams “We are very pleased to have MITIE onboard, reflecting our determination, commitment and ongoing investment to bring a truly integrated software solution to benefit the waste and recycling industry”

Published on Wed, 05 Sep 2012 22:39

SAP Business Objects Crystal Portfolio


With the launch of SAP Crystal Solutions 2011 this July, users will experience new and exciting data exploration, ease of use, auditing functionality, quick time to value and more. 

SAP Crystal Solutions deliver an affordable, open, self-serve approach to entry-level business intelligence (BI) to enable business users to easily and securely explore, view, report, visualize, and manage actionable information. The SAP Crystal solutions portfolio includes:

  • SAP Crystal Server designed for data exploration, report viewing, dashboard viewing, report publishing, secure information management and delivery
  • SAP Crystal Reports family of offerings, for creating presentation-quality reporting, and integrating them into applications
  • SAP Crystal Dashboard Design software, for building interactive departmental dashboards
  • SAP Crystal Presentation Design software, for creating interactive data presentations from spread sheets
  • SAP Crystal Interactive Analysis software, for performing ad hoc query and analysis
Published on Tue, 24 Jul 2012 03:20

SAP Business One On Demand



Want to take advantage of the SAP® Business One application without making an up-front capital investment or hiring in-house IT staff to manage it? With the subscription-based hosting option, you can access SAP software that is fully hosted and managed by select SAP partners. So rather than concentrate on managing your software, you can focus on what you do best – running your business.

Published on Tue, 24 Jul 2012 02:54

Ovenden sign with ISB Global; Waste & Recycling One for SAP Business One


Ovenden is a family owned company with over 40 years’ experience in haulage, plant hire, demolition, aggregate supply and waste management. With this depth of service, they were looking to step up to a Tier 1 Industry Specific Software Solution to manage their Waste Management, Aggregates and Haulage business. After reviewing a number of options Ovendens decided on SAP and Waste and Recycling One. The software covers all aspectsof their business from Operations to Back Office. It is also the only Fully Integrated Solution available, with the referenceabilty and track record in the UK.

Published on Tue, 03 Jul 2012 00:14

ECO Plastics Go Live with Waste & Recycling One for SAP Business One

“After extensive research into a number of different solutions, we decided on SAP and Waste and Recycling One. The fully integrated industry solution provides us with a seamless transition of business critical data throughout our supply chain. We have everything in one solution from accounting, CRM, procurement, sales, reporting and legal compliance, waste logistics, stock management, work flow and plant maintenance. We also have a partner, ISB Global, who have in depth industry expertise, lead the project and will support us as we continue to grow.”

Jeff Holder, Director, ECO Plastics

Published on Tue, 29 May 2012 19:46

SAP Business One - Top 10 Reasons to Choose SAP

Interested in finding out more on SAP Business One, why it’s different, easy to implement, what it does and how it can radically improve business performance?

Published on Tue, 28 Feb 2012 05:57

SAP Business One - Turn Equipment into High Performing Assets

Increase reliability, productive time, financial performance, asset life, availability, quality & performance. SAP Business One allows you to manage assets and equipment more effectively. Reducing the cost of maintaining, while increasing life, uptime & production capacity.

Published on Thu, 23 Feb 2012 00:24

SAP Business One - Gateway to the Global Online Shop Front

Do you have a website? Is your company e-commerce enabled? Have you thought about updating your website, increasing your sales in the global economy or targeting a new country of operation for growth?


Published on Thu, 16 Feb 2012 00:18

Eco Plastics Double UK PET Bottle Recycling

Published on Mon, 13 Feb 2012 23:04

ISB Pleased to Announce Attendance at 2012 RWM Exhibition 11-13th Sept - Stand 19R47

ISB will again be exhibiting at the RWM Exhibition in Birmingham; we look forward to seeing you there. 

Published on Thu, 09 Feb 2012 07:08

Cliff Berry Inc. - first WR1 customer in America

ISB are pleased to announce that AchieveIT, our North American reseller, have closed a deal with Cliff Berry Inc. 

Cliff Berry have been offering comprehensive environmental services for over 3 decades and chose SAP Business One and Waste and Recycling One (WR1) to provide a fully integrated and scalable software solution.

With over 40 users and operating from 6 different sites, Cliff Berry hope to go live with SAP in the middle of 2012.

Published on Mon, 30 Jan 2012 07:11

Hanwa selects SAP from ISB


HANWA’s London Branch has been involved in Metals Trading  for over 30 years. Through a lengthy selection process they chose SAP, the  fully integrated software solution from the industry experts ISB. Hanwa needed a solution to manage the complex metals  trading processes, as well as all the necessary  export documentation, reporting and legislative requirements. ISB's template solution is planned for go live early 2012.
Published on Mon, 30 Jan 2012 06:00

ISB Opens Office in South Africa to offer Waste & Recycling SAP Software

In January 2012, ISB opened up a new office in South Africa, to focus on the Waste and Recycling Industry.

ISB has operated in the region already with SAP consulting, business transformation projects and SAP Business One software development. ISB is now going to focus on selling, implementing and supporting their SAP Waste and Reycling Solution, throughout South Africa, using the local SAP Partner Network. 

ISB for the last 12 years has been successfully operating in the United Kingdom, where it focuses on the waste and recycling industry, and therefore wants to enhance its global presence, in South Africa due to its ties, operational experience and growth in the region.

SAP Waste & Recycling One (WR1), is a module within the SAP Business One platform, that provides a fully integrated operational, financial and reporting solution to all sub vertical requirements of the waste and recycling industry.

With WR1 implementations throughout the UK, Germany and now in the US, all these developed best practices will now be available to South African waste and recycling companies, in an affordable and effective solution.

ISB and Waste & Reycling One have been awarded the global Software Solution Partner (SSP) status by SAP.  This gives customers the security in knowing that SAP fully supports and endorses the solution globally.

Chris Williams, Managing Director, ISB Global UK, comments, " we are very excited about our new office, and with our involvement already with 2 large waste companies down there already, we are keen to support our team in South Africa."

Published on Sat, 28 Jan 2012 03:20

More Control, Planning & Intelligence – Manufacturing for SAP Business One

Extend Integrated Operations by Using Variatec BX Production for SAP Business One.

Define with work centres, shifts, plans and timings. Manage assemblies according to optimised lot size and routes. Calculate optimum price and costs. Utilise MTO and work within order specific material planning. Get a complete view of operations in GANTT planning and maintain feedback from production in shop floor data collection.

Watch Variatec BX Production on ISB Global's You Tube Channel:-

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SAP Release new Brochure for SAP Business One

Published on Mon, 10 Oct 2011 21:27